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There is currently a bug that breaks your ability to use the menu if you are doing any activity when the game switches between Daytime, Nightfall and Night.
To avoid it, try not to trigger any event (mining, fighting monsters, etc) around 5pm, 8pm and 6am. Remember to save frequently in case something else pops up.

The game features 7 characters you can switch between to accomplish different tasks (gathering, crafting, fighting).

The game is currently focused on a third person gameplay, although you can still switch to first person for exploration.


  • Miner
  • Blacksmith
  • Woodcutter
  • Carpenter
  • Knight
  • Magician
  • Alchemist

Explore the isle of Lemuria and uncover its secrets.

All characters/classes will be interdependent and equally important to progress through the game.

You will explore 3 areas, completing objectives, and leveling up your characters.

Keyboard Controls

Arrow keys / [A] [D] [W] [S] keys

 [ESC] key / [X] key
Display Menu Window / Cancel

 [Enter] key / [Z] key

 [E] [Q] [R] [F] key (FPS only)
Camera Rotation

 [C] [V] key (FPS only)
Camera Zoom

Game Pad Controller 

[Left Stick] / Arrow Keys

[A Button]


[B Button]

Display Menu Window / Cancel

[Right Stick] (FPS only)

Camera Rotation

[LB Button] / [RB Button] (FPS only)

Camera Zoom

[Y Button]

Camera Switcher


A Tale of Monsters - Windows.zip 82 MB

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